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Alternative, Non-Clinical Careers For Doctors

How Do You Leave Clinical Medicine & Transfer Your Skills Elsewhere?

Hi guys, thank you for stopping by!!! My name is Paul Hercock, a doctor with 15 years of clinical experience within the NHS and who successfully transitioned out of clinical medicine and into Pharma.

If you have stumbled across this website then you are probably feeling what I used to feel when working in clinical medicine.

And you are desperately seeking alternative, non-clinical careers for doctors/healthcare professionals to help you change your current unhappiness?

You are here because you are searching for alternative, non-clinical careers so you can improvement situation; just like I was.

The issue for me was I had no idea, at the time, of how to do it - AND I DID IT THE HARD WAY!

I walked out on a successful career with no other job to go to, a mortgage to pay for and struggled to find the next stage of my professional life.

It was awful, after feeling trapped in clinical practice for many years, I was finally out but couldn't land anything outside of clinical medicine!

I had to change everything; my application strategy; my interview technique; changing my social media content; and lots of reading.

By making these changes, I eventually secured a position as a Medical Advisor with a multinational medical device company.

And everything fell into place. One opportunity lead to another and I have become extremely content in my professional and personal life. There is balance between the two. And I want to help you find that too.

I learnt valuable lessons about how to make the transition from clinical practice to life in the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industry and I want to give this knowledge to you. This is why I have created a community to help find alternative careers for doctors & healthcare professionals.

I know how unhappiness in the workplace can have disatrous effects on the personal life. If you are suffering and struggling in your current role and you are looking for a way into a non-clinical role, then please get in touch with us at Beyond The Ward.

Our community is growing fast and we would love you to be a part of it. Thank you and good luck in your endeavours! Hope to hear from you soon.

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What Alternative Non-Clinical Careers For Doctors/Healthcare Workers Are There?

Non-clinical roles may seem difficult to find, or even seem 'pointless' because of the years of experience you will have gained in clinical medicine however, there are many areas that you can excel in. Your skills are transferrable into so many areas outside of clinical medicine. You would be surprised how much opportunity there is for you so do not feel that there is no hope and that all these years of training is for nothing. Below are just but a few examples. Some of these may just get you excited about the future. Can you see yourself in any of these alternative careers?

  • Teacher
  • Medical Law
  • Researcher
  • Medical Writer
  • Forensic Examiner
  • Medical Science Liaison
  • Pharmaceutical Roles
  • Medical Advisor
  • Medical Device Industry
  • Illustration
  • Photographer
  • Cosmetic Medicine
  • Medical Sales

How Do You Know Which Direction To Take?

I often get asked this question. I hear advisors telling those looking to leave clinical medicine that they should be asking themsleves why they want to leave instead of what shall I do because I am thinking of leaving.

My advice would be this, if you are on this website then you have already decided to leave clinical medicine. Infact, your 'soul' has probably already departed but the rest of your body hasn't figured it out yet! You know you want to leave so why spend time thinking about it.

Increased hours, conditions, lack of a social life, no rewards, poor management, disillusionment & boredom. Sound familiar? This is most likely why you want out. Don't waste time thinking about these!

I knew I wanted to get into Pharma so I spent years of trying to make this leap - if only I knew back then what I know now then I could have made this transition out of the NHS a lot easier on myself.

The bottom line is - you don't know! But with the right tools and guidance you will find the right path - I promise you that!

This is why I wrote the ebook. To create a guide, a successful strategy to avoid going through the trials & errors, and the frustrations & anger.

What Will You Learn From The Ebook

Written by a doctor for doctors, this book offers a step-by-step approach developed from personal experience spanning six years of trial, error, frustration, and in the end, success.

Sections include: why you as a doctor are so valuable outside the NHS, an overview of career options, how to analyse and optimise your existing skills, getting noticed and attracting head-hunters, standing out from the competition, nailing the selection process and hitting the ground running in your new career.

Clinical medicine is not the only option. There are other careers for doctors that offer better working hours and an improved work-life balance away from the stress of the NHS. Interested? Let this book show you exactly how to get there.

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